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Here is DAISO line up:

DAISO GTape is the best creasing matrix for cracking prevention in die-cutting process. DAISO GTape has many selections starting from 146 sizes for not only standard size but also order-specific size to meet customer's needs. One-touch setting makes it easy to adjust double creasing type. DAISO GTape has successfully passsed thousands of pressure tests, and it works brilliatnly between 200.000 until 300.000 presses in normal usage. It also can be used until half million presses without setting change.

The following contents are GTape specifications:

DAISO Mizzokko is a special sponge to protect cutting knives during long-term usage.

The main advantages of DAISO Mizzokko are:

  • Protects cutting knives during long-term usage.
  • Suitable for use in the middle of knife cutting patterns.
  • Removes shards and leaves no paper residues.
  • Durable and strong.
  • It has 10 selectable variants that suits customers' needs.

For plywood with 18mm thickness Width: 1.0mm Size: 7.5H x 250L (mm)
Width: 1.5mm
Width: 2.0mm
Width: 3.0mm
Width: 4.0mm
Width: 5.0mm

For plywood with 16mm thickness Width: 1.0mm Size: 9.5H x 250L (mm)
Width: 1.5mm
Width: 2.0mm
Width: 3.0mm
Width: 4.0mm
Width: 5.0mm

DAISO SUPO is a anti-skid protection sponge for Your cutting knives. The advantages of DAISO SUPO are:

  • Prevents uneven cuts or spaces in cutting.
  • Can operate in high speeds.
  • Prevents sheet from falling off by pressing the cutting space.
  • Steady protection, suitable for PP and PET sheets.
  • Prevents GTape from drifting.
  • Emits no harmful gases when hot.

The following contents are DAISO SUPO variants:

Product Height Width Hardness Sheets Position Plywood
SUPO-G 7 6.5 60 Coated board Knife 18mm
SUPO-GR 7.3 6.5 70 Coated board Knife 18mm
7.3 6.5 80 Coated board Knife 18mm
SUPO-L 8.6 20 70 Corrugated board Knife 16mm
6.6 15 70 Corrugated board Knife 18mm
SUPO-LS 6.3 9 70 Corrugated board Knife 18mm
SUPO-LL 4.5 12 70 Corrugated board Creasing rule 18mm
SUPO-LW 3.5 38 70 Corrugated board Creasing rule 18mm
4.5 38 70 Corrugated board Creasing rule 16mm
5.5 40 70 Corrugated board Creasing rule 16mm

DAISO E-SPONGE is a special anti-skid ejection sponge.

The main advantages of DAISO E-SPONGE are:

  • Pollution-free material.
  • Easy to use, self-adhesive and cut-in-advance.
  • Strong against wear, very strong, and efficient.
  • Strong adhesion and sticks tightly.
  • Patented for double-sided WAVE-FORM sponge (disperse pressure).

Type Dimension Pcs. Remarks
E-Sponge A 10mm x 10mm x 60mm 70 Regular Type Hardness 43
E-Sponge B 8mm x 10mm x 60mm
E-Sponge C 8mm x 7mm x 60mm 100
E-Sponge DX 7mm x 7mm x 60mm Hardness 58
E-Sponge A L=30 10mm x 10mm x 30mm 140 Regular Type Hardness 43
E-Sponge C L=30 8mm x 7mm x 30mm 200
E-Sponge DX L=30 7mm x 7mm x 30mm Hardness 58


DAISO Super-G is a super glue with strong adhesion and quick dry ability. With only small drops of Super-G, it quickly sticks the GTape, and also efficient. Super-G is the best glue to harden the crease surface.

4 main advantages of DAISO Super-G are:

  1. Powerfully sticks till the base.
  2. Quick dry, therefore hasten Your tasks.
  3. Efficient, only needs a small amount of Super-G usage.
  4. Stable packaging in aluminium package.

DAISO Ribbon Tape

DAISO Ribbon Tape is good for adjusting cutting die by putting it in the other side of the wooden base. Made from stainless steel, DAISO Ribbon Tape is budget efficient and high quality.

The main advantages of DAISO Ribbon Tape are:

  • Prevents half-cut and adjusts creasing rule height.
  • Made from stainless steel, flexible and strong with no cracks.
  • Very suitable for "No-Chase" type die-cut machine.

Thickness Tape Width Length
0.03mm 8mm 20m / roll
0.05mm 8mm 20m / roll
0.10mm 8mm 15m / roll


DAISO G-CLEAN removes dirt completely on the stainless plate after releasing the GTape.

Its easy usage as follows:

  • Spray and wipe the stainless plate and it quickly removes the glue dirt.
  • The result is increased adhesion of the GTape.
  • DAISO G-CLEAN has citrus scent and leaves no lingering smell.